December 6, 2017 Articles, Featured post

Moving from desiring to achieving life results

How do you move from desiring to achieving your goals? Let me tell you how.

A new year is quickly approaching. As you assess your life, you discover many of the goals you set in
2017 have vanished from your mind or remain a desire. You had every intention of doing what you
thought it took to get the results you wanted. You even took action. So, why did you not accomplish
your goals? I will tell you why. You did not have an action plan with clear direction for how you were
going to achieve your goal, and/or you were not able to evaluate your progress once you took action.

To get from where you are to where you want to be, you must know where you are going. You will need
a plan that provides the path you will take to get there. More important than knowing where you are
going is to know why you are going. Your why sustains you on the journey when you get discouraged,
tired, or want to stop and turn around. Once you have mapped the direction and start on your journey,
you must monitor and evaluate your progress to ensure you are going in the right direction.

Goals should be motivating and exciting. Having goals that motivate and excite you, increases your
success rate of achieving them. You are more willing to work at a goal that excites you and your why
will give you the endurance to reach your destination.

Here are key concepts to learn and practice as you prepare and develop your roadmap for 2018.
Applying these tips will help you make goal setting a powerful experience and position yourself to move
from desiring to achieving your goals.

  1. Align your goals with purpose – This keeps you intentional on the meaningful.
  2. Be specific – Setting specific goals with time, dates, and amounts enables you to measure
    and know when you have achieved the goal.
  3. Prioritize – Give each goal priority. This helps focus on the most important ones.
  4. Write your goals down – This empowers and gives them force. It promotes commitment
    and responsibility in you.
  5. Visualize – Envision what you and your life will be like when you achieve the goal. See
    yourself as if you are living your goal in the present. This engrains the goal on your mind.
  6. Have a support system –Support and accountability is essential.
  7. Life happens – There will be times when you do not achieve a goal due to unforeseen
    circumstances. Don’t beat yourself up. Regroup, refocus, continue to move forward.
  8. Place your goals in a place you can see them daily – Seeing your goals provides motivation.
  9. Take action – Be about what you want. Do something towards a goal today.
  10. Live loud – Live life now with excitement, passion and fullness in a way that is contagious
    and inspiring.
  11. Celebrate successes and enjoy the satisfaction of getting life results!