September 26, 2017 Articles

Leading For Community

Amidst the maelstrom of Harvey, Denise Hamilton shows us the meaning of leadership for community. Her recent initiative, a website that connects people in need directly with people who want to help, is a testament to not only her selfless dedication to the city she calls home, but also exemplifies how creative, and integrous leadership centers community.


I have learned 3 fundamental lessons from Denise’s actions and leadership:  

  1. A community oriented leader is a diligent observer. In the case of Denise, without her watchful eye, she would not have been able to see (or fill) the gap of need between those affected by the storm, and those in need.
  2. No, the leader does not have all the answers. They say “if you go alone you might go fast, but together, you can go far.” Surround yourself with people from different backgrounds, with different perspectives and skill sets.
  3. Integrity is the best model. Honesty is the bedrock for establish trust within the community.


To learn more about this incredible project, listen to Denise’s interview on NPR here